"Little Voice is of different legs and it sounds as though they have been studying logarithms as there is an angular, almost Maths-Rock disposition to the material, which blends delightfully with a shoegazey high pitched guitar from which the vocal crystallises as a shuffle-beat percussion keeps up the momentum."

"Psychedelic indie dream gazers ‘Future Myth’ hail from San Jose, California and collectively create a stunning blend of psych, shoegaze, dream/baroque pop & rock that is absolutely stuffed full to the brim of soaring melodic harmonies & shimmering, swirling soundscapes"

"UNDER-RATED!!! If you put music from The Magic Gang, DIIV and Half Moon Run in a blender, the dreamy sound of Future Myth is born. Future Myth are exactly what indie rock is all about, it’s hazy, it’s feel-good, and overall original."

"Future Myth offers up the type of story we love to tell and be told, conceptually weaving musical and thematic ideas into one little gem of a song with a big voice."

"It’s always encouraging to listen to an EP or LP and find yourself battling over which song is a favorite among the tracks. The most recent “battle” occurred while listening to “Flashbulb Memories” by Future Myth."

"The Californian band Future Myth released their debut EP Flashbulb Memories earlier this year bringing loud synths and melodic vocals from the indie pop band’s track Little Voice."