nostalgia-charged tunes that balance somber moments of longing with vibrant flashes of self-reflection.


Flashbulb Memories

by Future Myth

press times brings to mind the works of Real Estate, The Radio Dept... Low vs. Diamond and even Mac Demarco.”

”Boasting intricately layered instrumentation peppered with spaced-out effects and post-rock elements, [their] two singles... offer excellent evidence of what to expect on the band’s inaugural effort.
California four-piece from San Jose with their debut single and lead track from their upcoming EP ‘Flashbulb Memories’, self-released on January 29. Elements of psych-rock and dreampop with lo-fi vocal harmonies.
Their first two singles, “Little Voice” and “Cold Season”, show the group as a highly capable crafters of melodic jangle-rock, with evident comparisons to the guitar-driven tranquility of Real Estate.
...the band is setting high bars for their EP with their deep and poetic soundscapes and heavy melodies. The tracks portray the band as enigmatic, stylistically heavy, and blue (well, the lyrics definitely are).

Future Myth sings of human existence, youth, and morality in their tracks, showing beautiful songwriting and philosophical interest in their form.


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